When its good to be Broke

Most people with IRS problems don’t deal with them – until something ugly happens. Perhaps they receive a letter saying their passport will be revoked, or they discover they have a tax lien filed against them, or their business is padlocked, or their bank account is levied.


People with IRS problems have one thing in common – they’re afraid. They’re worried about “doing time” because they don’t have the money to pay the IRS. But there is no reason for the fear factor when it comes to being broke and dealing with the IRS.


The IRS does all sorts of nasty things to people who intentionally don’t take action to solve their IRS problems. Severe consequences, like jail time, are reserved for people who fail to take action – not for those who DO SOMETHING. In fact, the more willing someone is to face up to their problem and seek a solution without the IRS having to chase them down, the more likely it is that the IRS won’t even threaten prosecution.


If someone files their tax returns correctly, but just can’t pay them – there is hope. There are many different ways available to pay your debt to the IRS and avoid the particularly nasty consequences that the IRS reserves for those who don’t file.


There have been plenty of celebrities in the news lately with tax problems of their own. Some have tried to defraud the government – think Richard Hatch. Some claimed they just had no money, and have tried to work out a payment plan – think Willie Nelson. So if someone finds themselves in the “IRS Spotlight”, they’ll need to remember this: The IRS sees an honest but poor guy as a “Deal” and a dishonest conniver as “No Deal”. The bottom line? It’s illegal to not file. And if you can’t pay because you’re broke, find an IRS Specialist to help you work out a deal.


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