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Hi Tim,


It has been a pleasure working with you all in resolving this confusing business. I feel so fortunate to have found this firm.


There are many companies who clearly depend upon the customer’s lack of knowledge and emotional state in order to bankroll their operation and provide little in return. One company I almost hired, before I found the guy’s CPA license and IRS credentials had been revoked years ago, was still running a website and taking people’s money. There are some bad apples out there who prey upon folks. Caveat Emptor.


IRS Medic had the credentials and references to assure me I had contacted the right people. The process of selecting you was the result of weeks of research and education on my part. I interviewed half a dozen Tax Professionals in the process. So, know that it wasn’t just a lucky hit on Google that led me to you.


Dealing with IRS Medic is one of the best experiences I have had with any service provider of any kind. You have been straight-forward about what you will provide, what it will cost, and what I can expect as a result. Tim and Bob answered all my questions, and pointed out things I had misunderstood or was simply wrong about. Your patience and professional manner is a value in itself.  The folks answering the phone always took care of me quickly, getting me in touch with the member of the team assigned to my case who I needed at the time.


The Total Tax Diagnosis service was worth every penny. This service filled in the blanks for me so I knew exactly where I stood with the IRS. It also provided a lot of information I wasn’t  expecting. The report is comprehensive to say the least. It helped me dodge a huge bullet from an unexpected 1099-C that I wasn’t aware of.


Having read the importance of having returns filed electronically, and, of having payments made through a company with a working relationship with the IRS, I wanted this service as well.  The last thing I needed was to have returns or payments lost in the mail, laying behind an IRS employee’s desk, or otherwise throwing a monkey wrench in the works due to human error in the process of physically handling the paperwork taken from some bottomless mail cart. This way I know my returns and payments are in the system.


Considering the number of years of returns you filed on my behalf (allowing me to save some money by completing them myself) the overall cost of the TTD along with the filing and payment services was on par with pricing I had seen quoted by the corner-store Tax companies for only providing basic prep and filing for this number of years.


Those guys didn’t fill me with confidence, particularly when considering the level of expertise IRS Medic brings to the table specializing in these problem scenarios. You offer a wonderful value and work hard to get it handled with expediency. I feel you were waiting on me for things more often than I was waiting on you. IRS Medic runs like a well-oiled and efficient machine.


After decades of bad experiences, worry, and suffering from stress over ongoing issues with the IRS, today I feel a tremendous burden lifted from my shoulders and expect to keep things current from here on.


The returns are filed and the balances due are paid. To put some icing on the cake it looks like I’ll be getting nearly a third of my payments back in returns, once they have processed everything. I appreciate your emphasizing and explaining how settling up front was best for me.


It is challenging for me to say enough good about this experience.  I’m looking forward to a life without the constant worry that has limited my choices for many, many years.




John H******


Please feel free to use this in full or in part as a testimonial for my experience with IRS Medic.


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