The wisdom of Albert Einstein


With a tax code more complicated than the complicated law that Albert Einstein was intimidated by, is there any hope to reduce the threat the IRS poses to your livelihood or a significant portion of your wealth?


The answer is yes. Consider this: The IRS is constrained by the same complexity taxpayers and tax professionals are.


So many of the IRS's best human resources have retired. The IRS was never able to effectively communicate with itself, and now it has the additional problem of a huge brain drain they will likely never be able to completely repair.


So what happens? The IRS becomes smothered by the IRS. This is the take takeaway: The IRS must deal with cases effectively and cannot afford to waste time on taxpayers where there is nothing in it for them.


So before you give up hope — remember, no one in the world knows everything about the IRS. Including the IRS.


And with that, welcome to our new website platform. 


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