Territorial Taxation: Let’s make it happen and end the horrors of Citizenship Based Taxation


We need everyone's effort!

For too long US expats have had no voice. For too long US investors with international affairs have had to take it on the chin. This is all changing; there has never been an organized effort like this before. The entire US tax system can change to something far better, but it will take your help!


A new tax proposal will help those that are being adversely affected by FATCA and Citizenship-based taxation. But your help is critical.  Solomon Yue, CEO of Republicans Oversea sand Michael DeSombre, Worldwide President of  Republicans Overseas, will be traveling to the White House on October 2, 2017. They have started a letter writing campaign and petition signing in support of Territorial Taxation.


Below are links to sample letters, the contact Congress section, and the Republican Overseas petition. We would greatly appreciate your support. Here's what you can do to help:


Contact Congress. Email Your Senator and Representative to let them know you support Territorial Taxation for Individuals:



If you need assistance in drafting your email, Republicans Overseas. has provided some examples of letters for you to use:



Also, please sign the petition in support of Territorial Taxation. Republicans Overseas will collect these emails and then print them out to share with the White House: https://republicansoverseas.com/territorial-taxation-individuals/#petition


It's time to take action to end this bizarre taxing regime. Your support can help us to end Citizenship-based taxation and end the nightmares of FATCA. Please share this with everyone you know so our voices can be heard.