Tax Shelters That Still Actually Exist

It might sound strange, but there are some US persons looking to expatriate for tax purposes. Not only that, but did you know that there are great strategies and tools — especially for individuals from Asia with high net worth — in becoming a US person? In this episode of our podcast, Parental Advisory,  Claudine and I talk with Bill Loftus of LLBH Private Wealth Management about some terrific tax strategies for those thinking of becoming US persons. Not only that, but we also lay out some possibilities for those thinking of leaving the US for tax purposes.


The USA is the number one tax haven… for some


The truth is, with tools like Private Placement Life Insurance, the US can be the #1 tax haven in the world — but only for certain types of people. To find out if these strategies would work for you, watch the following episode:



Please feel free to leave comments with your thoughts and questions. Bill will be a repeat guest and we want to make sure that people understand as much of these complicated (but very profitable) strategies as possible. If you need assistance with any tax planning, contact us. We're here to help.