Confused? Worried? Stressed out? Why not start by simply getting to the root of your tax issue?


So many people call us around from around the nation, around the world – completely freaked out about their IRS issue. They feel ashamed; this is not where they intended to be in their life! And worse, they feel embarrassed for letting their problem get this far.


But it is not like the IRS makes things easy. There are many things the IRS does that defy common sense. Their letters and notices are difficult to understand, and it's not like the IRS follows their own rules 100% of the time. 


The sad thing is, there are firms out there looking to take advantage you. You are vulnerable and some know just the right things to say to get you to do something your gut was telling you wasn't right, something too good to be true. Because of these facts,  we created our Total Tax Diagnosis service. The Total Tax Diagnosis can be the perfect solution and sometimes the only fee you'll need to pay to get your tax problem behind you forever. 


You won't have to guess what the best course is. You will know. You won't have to guess what the IRS thinks about you. You will know. You won't guess what the IRS's next move will be. You will know.


What is the Total Tax Diagnosis?

The Total Tax Diagnosis is a report we create for you based on information we collect from the IRS. Our legal team then interprets those results and tells you what is going on in a language you will understand.


For $750, you will get your Total Tax Diagnosis Report, which will tell you:

  • Exactly what returns have been filed – are there any missing or incorrectly filed returns?
  • How much does the IRS think you owe them?
  • If you are you eligible for First Time Penalty Abatement
  • If the IRS is actively trying to levy or garnish you
  • If your tax debt could be discharged in bankruptcy
  • When the IRS loses its’ ability to collect your tax debt
  • How to get proof of every letter the IRS claims they sent you
  • Whether or not you’re at a heightened risk of being audited
  • Where your tax payments have been applied, and if the IRS lost any of your money!
  • All without raising any red flags and alerting the IRS.
  • You will also be scheduled for a Strategy Session with one of our Tax Resolution Specialists after your investigation is completed.


For some of our clients the Total Tax Diagnosis is all they need. For others, it is the foundation for a great relationship with us. You will feel in control because you will be in control!


One more thing. Your money back if you are not completely satisfied.


If you are unsure as to what exactly your issue is, or wondering if the Total Tax Diagnosis would be right for you, contact us to schedule a free, confidential consultation. Call us at 888-727-8796 or email info@irsmedic.com.


In the meantime, below are some helpful tips and some of the tools and techniques we use to help our clients get the IRS monkey off their backs — permanently.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, use the search feature in the top right menu. Our website is loaded with more helpful content on successfully dealing with the IRS than anyone else.


How to successfully deal with IRS Revenue Officers and Revenue Agents

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Making sense of IRS letters and notices

The IRS sends out mountains of notices and letters. Here's an important fact: Regardless if you actually receive an IRS notices, they become legally binding. Learn what the important letters and notices mean, and the action our tax lawyers recommend you take. Click below for easy-to-understand information on:


Dealing with years of unfiled tax returns

Let's just say that unfiled returns happen. Don't let the fear of the unknown stop you from taking the best action. Click here to learn answers to the most common unfiled tax returns questions like:

  • How many years of tax returns need to be filed
  • What to do if you are missing records
  • If you are at risk of criminal charges


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