What to do after you’ve been had: Tax Resolution Scam companies

The Federal Trade Commission has issued several warnings on the tax resolution indusry. The long-ago bigplayers, JK Harris, Roni Deutch, Taxmasters and Americna Tax Relief however, were'nt driven out by government regulations, (Although Taxmasters was sued by the Texas Attorney General) but rather beause their reuptations grew som poor, the money they needed to support thier massive marketing budgets dried up. 

In the years since, there have been other tax resolution companies that have came ang gone. And some alrge one still remain. For now.

We know that many of our clients have been tempted by so-called 'national tax resolution firms' who have gone bankrupt or proved to be incompetent. Other firms rely on scare tactics or unrealistic ‘guarantees of particualr results to bring in their clients, or make a ludicrous claim that "you will never have to pay the IRS again."

Many of our clients are refugees from those experiences, often in worse trouble than when they started. If you are currently working with another company, and yes, there are some great firms out there, and here are some questions to think about

What if I have een scammed? Should I complain to the Better Business Bureau, Yelp! etc.?

Yes but dont' expect to get any money back. But you will be providing a valuable service. While these companies do pay reputation management firms it whitewash negative criticism, and build up phony positive reviews, as some point, it becomes impossible to hide. You'll be helping others like you avoid a terrible situation.

Can I sue?

Sure, but these firms are good at keeping the fees low enough so it is rarely worth it to sue. Also, if you did sue, they structure their affiars so they are judgment-proof. 

Our advice is to move on, and get back to dealing with the IRS. As the IRS has limited sympathy for those who use tax resolution scam outfits.