Complete Business & Tax Accountant Preparation Services

To be honest, our firm is not a great fit for:

  • Taxpayers with simple or straight-forward tax returns
  • Taxpayers who are not serious about their business
  • Taxpayers who can not think long-term
  • Taxpayers who intentionally blind themselves to both risk and opportunity

We excel with:

  • Clients who outgrew their current tax and compliance team.
  • Clients with complicated issues spanning many years, perhaps many entities, and perhaps involving many countries.
  • Clients who are serious about fixing any past mistakes and getting to the next level.
  • Clients who want to save money with legitimate, ethical strategies.
  • Clients who see the inherent value of having an accountants, tax preparers, tax attorneys and consultants all under one roof.

Are we really all that different from any other tax firm?

You tell us.

Unlike a typical tax firm, Parent & Parent LLP didn’t start out as accounting and tax preparation firm that just simply grew. But rather, our evolution was completely different.  Our evolution led to a revolutionary different way of thinking, and that’s why we think we’re a revolutionary tax firm. How did this happen?

We started by being advocates first.

From the very beginning of tax firm in 2004, our attorneys actively sought the toughest US tax cases from across the nationa and even around the globe. Cases where both the client and the IRS were both doing things wrong.

As our experience grew, the clients who we saved from disaster insisted that we prepare their taxes going forward. As their demands grew louder, we could no longer ingore the obviou. So our firm invested millions of dollars into a tax compliance division. We took our expertise and how things actually work and applied it to year-to-year compliance.  To paraphrase our satisfied clients, “Who better to do you year-to-year work than the firm that got you out of the trouble someone else (and perhaps yourself) got you into?”

Our firm has become the leader in difficult offshore disclosures and even cases where there are other types of exposure in addition to civil penalties. Sure, we handle the straightforward problems, but we also handle the kinds of cases that other firms shy away from.

While high stakes excitement is not for everyone, one a huge advantage for all our clients is that we got feedback from the IRS — in real time.  And these are sometimes for strategies formed after the fact. So instead of guessing what the IRS would do in a scenario, we learned what the IRS will likely do and adjust our action plan accordingly.

This near immediate feedback is a massive advantage as opposed to waiting years to find out that the great tax idea someone had wasn’t so great after all.

This kind of knowledge is serious power.

The fact is far too many tax professionals, while they may be fine people, are rather untested. With the IRS audit rate half of what it used to be ten years ago, many firms assume themselves to possess a competency they only may possess. Yet, as long as the IRS does not challenge them, there is not much of a problem.

But happens when there is a challenge?

We takeover cases routinely from Big Law, Big 4, small law firms, and small accounting firms. Some firms are really great rising to the ocassion. Others are not.

When coming from a large firm, our clients tell us they felt as if their old firm did not value their matters enough because they “wren’t big enough.” And when coming from a small firm, our cleints tell us they felt as if their old firm didn’t have the adequate resources to represent them properly.

For us, one of the reasons our clients stick with us year-after-year is that our firm is that we are  big enough to handle any situation, yet not so big you will get lost in the shuffle.

Key advantages of using Parent & Parent LLP

  • We are the only US tax firm to publically advocate for the serious reform of US tax law. Believe it or not, many tax firms like the fact that the tax code is so unbearably complicated. Why? These complications invaribly lead to higher bills for them to generate and send you. And not only that, many firms advocate, albiet quite stealthily, for this horrible status quo.  We find this utterly corrupt and it is our mission to completely distrupt this hypocrisy.
  • We prepare both Federal and state personal and business tax returns  – no matter how complicated, no matter where our clients may currently be living.
  • We have expertise helping US citizens living and investing worldwide, along wiht helping immigrants and those with investor visa get their world affairs into US tax compliance
  • We have vast bookkeeping and accounting capabilities.
  • We are familiar with the intricate details needed to complete IRS forms such as Business tax forms 1120, 1120-C, 1065, and International Business forms such as 5471, 5472, 8858, 926, and 8621
  • Our team understands FATCA, FBAR, and other foreign reporting requirements such as BE-10.
  • Our team routinely trains other tax professionals around the globe. We are a trusted resource for tax professionals who truly care about their clients.

With close to 20 years of experience of fixing the toughest tax problems, we know how to do it once, and do it right. You can rest easy knowing your finances are in our hands.

How to inquire about our tax preparation, compliance and advisory services

For a consultation and price estimate, call our headquarters at 888 477-4258 or send an email to info@irsmedic.com, or fill out our online contact form.