Tax Defier Learns Resistence Is Futile

Laurence Wolff of Gillette, Wyoming, is in the custody of the U.S. Department of Justice. What did he do? Well, it seems after a long and seemingly pointless battle with the IRS over the government's authority to file a Federal Tax lien (as documented in Wolff v. US (10th Cir. 2003)), Mr. Wolff was unable to accept defeat.


As the IRS sought to foreclose on the liens that they filed, Wolff mailed several letters to various  government employees, IRS agents and even a U.S. Judge. He threatened to kill any person who attempted to enforce the IRS' order of foreclosure.


As the government moved in, Wolff refused to leave his property. He posted notices threatening to use force against law enforcement officers and barricaded the entry doors.


Eventually, Wolff succumbed. After being found guilty by a jury, he is currently serving 27 months in a Federal Pen.


Folks, there are better ways. If you don't like high taxes or any taxes for that matter, use the political process as outlined in this document instead.