Tax Court

You can have your day in court.

If you disagree with an assessment determination from the IRS and you act quickly, you can file a challenge in tax court. It’s a complex process with rigid deadlines and procedures. If you miss a step, your case will be denied and you will have lost the opportunity to reduce your debt to the IRS.

Attorneys in our office are experienced in filing tax court petitions, handling settlement negotiations and navigating the appeals process. We’re not just litigators; we’re strategists with expertise in tax law.

When handled properly, many of these cases are settled before they make it to trial because, in the interest of saving time and resources, the IRS is usually motivated to settle. If you decide to pursue your case through tax court and it goes to trial, we’ll carefully organize and present your strongest case. If you win in tax court, the IRS can appeal the decision. We’ll handle your case in a way that preserves your best options and strategies from the first IRS negotiation to the final appeal.

Every case has its unique circumstances, and there may be a variety of remedies available to you. We’ll listen carefully, review your paperwork and explain your choices. Then you can decide if tax court is right for you. Contact us for more information.