Swiss Bank Disclosure: Account-Holder Names To Be Released

In what appears to be an intentional leak, Bloomberg reports details of an upcoming deal between the IRS and Switzerland that, if true, is sure to cause a lot of pain for thousands of US taxpayers who neglected to 'come clean' during the 2009 or 2011 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiatives.


This is a big deal.

Who does this affect?

Any US taxpayers with an account in any Swiss bank and who are in non-compliance (meaning, they have not reported the existance of these accounts every year on an FBAR and/or Form 8938).


What should someone at risk do?

Contact us. We are tax attorney's who specializes in offshore voluntary disclosure. The IRS is coming hard and will have thousands of slam-dunk cases to prosecute. This is not the time to negotiate.


What are the latest offshore disclosure options?

  • Standard IRS Offshore Voluntary Program (OVDP)
  • Streamlined Disclosure
  • OVDP Opt-Out


Call us at 888-727-8796 or email info@irsmedic.com. We can explain the different programs with you and help you understand which is the best option for you. Any information that you share with anyone at our firm is subject to the attorney-client privilge and will be kept confidential.