Successful Plea agreement no unpaid DRS sales and use charge

Ahmed owned a few gas stations around the state. Let's just say that his accounting techniques were unconventional. But as we discovered, he actually did report most of his sales. It was just that his record-keeping methods were a conglomeration of various policies and procedures he gleaned by managing convenience stores throughout Connecticut for years.


The Department of Revenue Services (DRS) auditor felt differently. According to her methodology, Ahmed had $1.5 million dollars additional in sales for the past three years.


Ahmed just didn't seem like he was sitting on an extra $1.5 million to us. He seemed to be living a rather thread-bare existence while working 16 hours a day in his stores. But the DRS wanted money; something to the tune of $400,000. So a DRS Special Agent filled out an arrest warrant and wanted Ahmed to turn himself in.


Ahmed didn't know what to do. He didn't have that kind of money. And he really didn't want to go to jail. His attorney knew our firm and recommended that he see come to us.


As we handled his case — over the next year and a half — we finally convinced the state prosecutor that the auditor's methodology would not stand up to scrutiny in a trial. The state prosecutor offered a plea bargain of $25,000 to settle the case. We felt that was what Ahmed actually owed. Once he paid the $25,000 the state agreed to enter a nolle prosequi, which meant that if Ahmed doesn't get into any more trouble in the next 13 months, not only will he not have a record, but the existence of the charge would be expunged.


UPDATE: Ahmed has not had any more troubles. The charge of failing to pay sales and use taxes is gone!


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