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What is your Streamlined Disclosure success rate?

Very good. While we have submitted more Streamlined Disclosures than any other firm we know of, as of this writing (June 14, 2018) not one of our submissions has been rejected or has been selected for audit. Our job is to set you up for success by creating a rock-solid submission. Every one of our submissions is completed to stand up to the harshest IRS audit.

Are there criminal protections with the Streamlined Program?

No. This is a key difference and why it is important to get a legal opinion about your best options.

Am I willful or non-willful?

Everyone who contacts us has made some sort of mistake. To determine if you are willful or non-wilful we need to know a lot about you. As a case progresses, sometimes we find that what we thought was a full OVDP case can be converted to Streamlined and vice-versa. The important thing is to get advice from a firm that knows how the IRS actually applies the willfulness standard. This, we are experts at.

What happens if my Streamlined submission is audited?

We prepare every submission as if it is going to be audited. So if you are selected for examination, you will be in good shape and there should be few, if any surprises. Click here to learn more about Streamlined disclosure audits.

I moved a lot of money around, or I have a lot of money overseas. Can you still file streamlined for me?

There is no dollar limit on a Streamlined submission. The most important thing is your state of mind. Are you willful or non-wilful? Our job is to prove that you were non-willful; then the value of any of your accounts or transactions does not matter.

I have other unreported income overseas, but not from foreign bank accounts. Doesn’t that disqualify me?

No. You may still qualify for Streamlined.

I have a “blacklisted bank.” Can I still file a Streamlined Disclosure?

Yes. We have done so in the past. you state of mind is what is critical. Not the state of mind of other bad actors.

Do I have to hire a CPA to prepare my returns?

Everything is taken care of with Parent & Parent LLP. We have an in-house tax preparation department. So we handle all of our tax preparation directly. In fact, our tax department is so highly regarded, other tax firms hire us to prepare returns for submissions they are making for thier clients.

What are your fees for a Streamlined Disclosure?

The fee range for our Streamlined Disclosure services is so broad any estimate prior to speaking with you about your case is meaningless. We strive to keep you completely informed, and we give your tips on how you can help keep your legal and tax fees low.

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We also invite you to review success stories and case studies of clients of ours. We specialize in international tax issues.