Services and Fees

Straight talk about our tax services and fees

Parent & Parent LLP is a full-service tax firm. We are headquartered in Connecticut and serve clients around the world. We have experienced tax attorneys, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and other tax specialists who possess the highest level of competency in international tax returns — all under one roof. There is no tax problem that is too big for us. Yet, we also file taxes year-to-year for our clients who refuse to trust anyone else with their tax preparation.

International tax problems

The current big issues we encounter on a day-to-day basis include: FBAR penalty mitigation and audits, Form 5471, Form 3520-A, and Form 3520 compliance and penalty abatements, international and FATCA letters, tax audits, GILTI compliance and mitigation, Transition tax compliance, Streamlined and other offshore disclosures to limit foreign penalty exposure. And for our clients with business in the Pacific Rim, we also have Mandarin-speaking associates. Click here to learn more.

Business tax consultants and advisors

Nearly every business move has a tax implication. We work with our clients around the globe to make sure that their tax strategy does not undermine, but rather, works in concert, with their overall business strategy. Click here to learn more.

Tax preparation and other compliance

Our tax filings are unparrelled. We handle the year-to-year tax filings for individials and businesses in the US and around the globe. Mistakes can be very costly – we make sure there is nothing you are forgetting.

Expatriation and immigration tax help

If you are thinking of giving up your US citizenship or becoming a US citizen, or a Green Card holder, or come to work in the US on a visa, we can really help you.

Penalty abatements

The IRS assesses penalties like never before. We have cost-effective methods of dealing with these disproporationate penalties — penalties that can get way out of control far too quickly.

Unfiled tax returns

Unfiled tax returns happen through mistakes, negligence, or even something that can happen intentionally. Regardless, we work quickly to file tax returns that will be accepted by the IRS before the IRS takes any additonal action.

Tax debt workouts and negotiations

Even if you have the net worth to pay off a tax liability often it could be detrimental to your cash flow. We routinely negotiate with the IRS to lower monthly payments to something that our clients can afford. Learn more about our tax resolution services here.

State tax issues

We often find ourselves successfully challenging Sales and Use tax assessments and penalties.

Paid consultations

This is a great solution for a taxpayer or tax professional who wants to get to actionable tax advice as soon as possible. The cost is $300 for 30 minutes and $600 for an hour. Additional time is available. Contact us now if you want to get started immediately.

If you aren’t sure what one is best for you, just ask! We are here to help.

Our fees must be fair

How does IRS Medic charge fees?

To be flexible, we have different fee structures to accomodate the different work our clients bring to us.

Tax return preparation is handled under our menu of flat fees.

Bookkeeping, accountancy, and resolution work are handled under our hourly engagements.

WilI I be given an estimate of costs before hand?

Yes. You will be given an estimate, and we will alert you prior to taking any action that would increase our original estimate. We never want our clients to be surprised.

What if I am not satisfied?

We strive for excellent customer service, and work with all clients who are not satisfied with their experience.

How do I get started?

Contact us now by phone, email or Skype message.