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We want to have a great relationship with you – a great relationship that allows for an honesty and openness which can often lead to solutions otherwise not possible.  But if you or your business has surprised by a fee of ours, that can stop a great relationship in its tracks. That is why we want you to have a good of an idea of what our legal and tax fees will be – before you hire us.

In some cases, and especially for tax preparation, we are able to offer a fixed-fee price quotes.  But that is not always possible for all of our services, as IRS and state taxing authorizes can act in surprising, inconsistent, and even illegal ways that create additional work for all involved. 

In some cases, we can provide an hourly agreement with an estimate range. And for certain service like Employment Retention Credit claims we can offer a contingency fee.

So we invite you to ask for a free quote. The more information you give us, the more precise we can be setting proper expectations – so you feel confident in who you hired for a great relationship now and potentially for years to come. 

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