Federal government rules in favor of federal government in Rand Paul’s FATCA case

Or, "Corn can not expect justice from chickens."

Not a huge amount of surprise. The motion for preliminary injunction in was denied in Rand Paul's FATCA case, Crawford v. US.


A not too obvious reason for this result

According to Judge Information Center:

Civil and criminal filings in the federal district courts are substantially higher than they were 20 years ago — rising 28 percent since FY 1993.

But the number of federal judges provided by Congress to handle these filings has barely changed, growing by only 4 percent in the same two-decade period.

One of the fundamental roles of government is to provide for a justice system. The lack resources the federal government puts towards federal courts is appalling.

Additionally, I recall reading somewhere that on average, Federal judges have 1000 cases assigned from them. Kind of insane, right? While Judge Thomas M. Rose rules for the government in this case, can you blame him? Cases need to moved. It is always more advantageous to adopt the government's position —  you won't catch too much grief from any reviewing courts.