Getting serious help for IRS debts and US Passport problems

We invite you to consider these benefits of hiring our tax firm to help you with an IRS debt that is causing a passport issue:

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When did this IRS Passport law go into effect?

The official law passed on December 4, 2015. The IRS states (as of this writing, we will update when needed) that “the IRS has not yet started certifying tax debt to the State Department. Certifications to the State Department will begin in 2017.”

Will they just take my passport away, or will they let me know that it’s an issue first?

The IRS will notify you that there is an issue. All written notice will be sent via regular mail to your last known address. They will send IRS Notice CP508C, learn more about this notice here.

So what makes someone a “seriously delinquent” taxpayer?

If you have an unpaid federal tax debt totaling more than $50,000, including interest and penalties.

What if I’m trying to fix my back tax debt issue? Will they still try to deny/revoke my passport?

Before revoking a passport, they will mail you notification and give you the opportunity to meet any of the criteria to get into a payment plan, etc. If you can’t pay the full amount you owe, we can help you set up alternative payment arrangements such as an installment agreement or an offer in compromise so you can keep your U.S. passport.

The IRS will not reverse the certification because the taxpayer pays the debt below $50,000. So it’s all or nothing.

What if I’m traveling out of the country when they decide to revoke my passport?

If the department decides to revoke your passport, prior to revocation the department may limit your passport to return travel to the U.S.

What if I need my U.S. passport to keep my job?

You must fully pay the balance, or make an alternative payment arrangement to keep your passport. So, it seems as if the IRS doesn’t care if you need it for your job.

Can you help me if I think I have an issue, or if I received notification that my passport will be denied/revoked?

Yes. If you have a tax debt that you are concerned about but don’t want to raise any red flags with the IRS, contact us. If you receive notification regarding your passport status call us at 888-727-8796 or email info@irsmedic.com.

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