The 2018 Parent & Parent LLP Tax & Liberty Scholarship


Enter your essay, of around 2000 words, to win a $1000 scholarship. We are seeking applicants to discuss the following:


The US tax code touches nearly everything in the life of a US citizen: employment, retirement, education, hobbies, gifts, immigration, and more. As a consequence, the IRS has jurisdiction to investigate and scrutinize an increasing number of things, especially if a taxpayer is unfortunate enough to be selected for audit.


Is this a desired outcome? What is the proper role of taxation in a limited government? Has the Bill of Rights been co-opted by the 16th Amendment?


First place is $1000. Second place is $500.


In addition, the scholarship recipients will be featured as guests on our company YouTube channel and recognized on our website. IRSMedic.com is the largest tax resolution site on the web and our YouTube channel provides the forum for the important ideas we are asking our scholars to write about.

The contest is open to any U.S. law school student, particularly ones with a tax or civil rights law concentration.

Send your submission along with a school transcript by December 31, 2018, to contact@irsmedic.com