Getting an OVDP/Streamlined Second Opinion

Are you wondering whether your current OVDP representative (or yourself) is on the right track with your OVDP or Streamlined Disclosure? Do you wonder if you should opt-out of the standard penalty? We can help you by reviewing these items to see whether there are any special elections you might be missing out on, whether there are clear errors in what you have received, or provide you with advice and guidance on how to how to move your case forward.

We offer a “second opinion” on your OVDP submission and/or Form 906.

Our service includes the following:

An initial teleconference with one of our experienced Offshore Asset Disclosure Intake Specialists, who will talk to you about your situation and walk you through the information we will need in order to properly evaluate your situation. After your initial teleconference, we will request that you use our Secure Document Exchange to send us the following documents (as appropriate to your situation) so that we can review them:

  • The amended or original tax returns that you submitted in your OVDP case
  • Any Forms 906, Closing Agreement, and Forms 4549-A issued by your OVDP Revenue Agent, and
  • Any requests for transitional relief you have submitted.

Next, one of our OVDP Attorneys will review these documents to see if there are any clear errors that need to be rectified, if there are any special elections available that might help you, or to see if there are any special program terms that might help you.

Finally, you will then have an in-person meeting or tele- or video-conference with the attorney who completed the review to discuss the results of the review and to provide you with any necessary advice or guidance to implement any changes recommended. We can also answer questions that you may have about different program terms or processes.

Call us at 888-727-8796, email us at info@irsmedic.com, or contact us here to schedule an appointment. We also invite you to review success stories and case studies of clients of ours.