OVDI Attorneys And Audits


I get asked all the time in consultations for Offshore Voluntary Disclosure and Audits, “Why should I hire you rather than my CPA? Why don't I just represent myself?”  I think this question comes from a lack of understanding about what attorneys who do specific offshore work do.


When people think of an Audit, they think of a dispute over numbers…this is not what it is really about.


Yes, there are numbers involved. And yes, ultimately the case will boil down to one number, the number you owe (or don’t owe). But if you want to truly win, in getting that lowest final number (or avoid criminal charges), we are not just doing an audit of random numbers on a page, we are doing an audit of your story. This is just what Offhsore specific attorneys are trained to do.


In normal Audit situations where the IRS is proposing to disallow specific deductions or claiming that you made more than you did, your attorney need to put together a story that the auditor can understand, demonstrating exactly why your numbers are correct.


If it comes down to more complicated legal issues, such as whether you were “in business” or “merely investing,” then it is absolutely essential that you be able to frame a story that fits within the legal requirements for what is a business. Even if you agree at the end of everything that you owe some tax, the framing of your story is what will lessen the amount of penalties that you will pay.


We at IRS Medic, as trained Offshore attorneys, are dedicated to legally framing your story. And here's the truth. A CPA is not trained, nor required, day-in, day-out, to tell a believable, consistent story; he is trained to compute numbers and determine the tax ramifications of those numbers.


Our Offshore attorney's work closely with our firm's CPAs and ex-IRS auditors to make sure that the numbers are correct and that we can demonstrate this to the IRS. We are prepared to take it that extra step and draft a story that showcases the facts of your case and your life to your advantage.


If you need assistance, contact us. We can help. Call us at 888-727-8796 or email info@irsmedic.com.