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Parent & Parent LLP is a full-service US tax firm that offer Tax Advisory Services, Tax Compliance and Preparation, along with Tax Resolution Services for individuals and businesses worldwide.

Tax Advisory Services

We advise individuals, businesses and other tax professionals develop and implement solid US tax strategies to ensure compliance but also to reduce tax burden. 

From simple things like a S-Corp election to seeking private letter ruling on complicated business structures or advise on how to lower taxes without raising red flag or exposing clients to undue risk.

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Tax Compliance Services

We file and prepare US taxes for individuals and businesses around the globe. Including Forms 1040, Form 1040-NR.  We have expertise in complicated foreign forms including FBAR, Form 8938 (FATCA)  Form 5471, Form 5472, GILTI, Subpart F, Form 3520, Form 3520-A. Along with 1120-S, 1120 for C-Corps and  Form 1065 for Partnership, and returns for Gifts, Trusts Estates 1041, and 706. whether they be domestic or foreign.

We also assist US citizens and green card holders properly renounce their US citizenship in cases where it no longer make sense to be subject to the global tax jurisdiction of the IRS.

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Tax Resolution Services

We assist individuals, business and other tax professionals, US and worldwide, to develop and implement tax audit and settlement strategies. We enjoy solving difficult cases. We assist in audit appeals, audit reconsideration, penalty abatements.

We also are experts at resolving tax debt especially in cases where are clients do have assets and income the IRS is seeking to seize. We utilize any tool open to us, Collection Due process appeals, Offers in Compromises,  Installment Agreement, Taxpayer Advocate assistance when needed.

Our services go well beyond what a typical tax resolution firm can do.  Yet, we rarely need to go to tax or federal court as out administrative strategies tend to succeed and have a lower cost for our clients.

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