On Hold With The IRS? You’re Not Alone!

Calling the IRS is certainly can be grueling. Hold times can typically run up to an hour.


The IRS "Courtesy Disconnect"

If the announcement tells you that your hold time will be greater than an hour and a half, let me do you a favor — hang up. You're going to be way better off trying again later and saving yourself time and sanity. 


Why? Just because you're willing to wait patiently for over two hours to speak to an IRS employee, it does not mean that the IRS will wait for you. There's this ironically-named function called a "courtesy disconnect" that you'll become familiar with if you stay on the line. A courtesy disconnect, quite simply put, is the IRS's way of telling you — after you've been on hold for two hours — that your call doesn't particularly matter to them


Yep, that's courtesy for you!


There's no beeping to signify the call has been disconnected, there's no cordial "We're sorry, but we had to disconnect," and there's no more elevator music. The line just goes dead. For the next few minutes, you might be wondering if you are being transferred or if you were actually hung up on. I'll be honest, there is a certain degree of humiliation you'll feel when it happens.


In addition, one of our tax attorneys shared that if you are on hold for an hour and an agent picks up but transfers you to another agent — placing you on hold again — your previous hold time is carried forward and added to your new hold time. So while yes, you've only been on hold for 30 minutes in part two of this nightmare, the courtesy disconnect is still on its way!


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