Benefits of working with Parent & Parent LLP to assist you with an offshore voluntary disclosure


  • We are a law firm: The attorney-client privilege attaches to all communications with our firm, whether you are speaking with one of our lawyers, CPAs, tax specialist, and even our intake personnel.
  • Cohesive strategies: Tax preparation for all of our OVDPs is prepared  in-house, with our own CPAs and tax specialists and double-reviewed by our attorneys.
  • Security: We employ the highest level of IT security allowed by law. No other US law or accounting firm have the sophisticated protocols we have put in place. For security reasons we will not publicize the exact technology we employ. But feel free to ask about them.
  • Familiarity with international business: We have a global clientele.
  • Experienced: We have helped out more US persons with undisclosured foreign assets and accounts than any other accounting or law firm.
  • We can not be intimidated: We have success with aggressive penalty and tax savings treatments.
  • Integrity: We actually do put our clients first. We have advocated for the repeal of ruinous laws, a repeal of which would result in people not needing as many of our services.


Common questions about the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program (OVDP)

Should everyone with unreported income or FBARs enter into the standard IRS Offshore Voluntary Program (OVDP) and pay the 27.5% (or 50%) offshore penalty? Or are there options? Our OVDP attorneys answer that question here for more.


Common questions about the Streamlined Disclosure Processes

A Streamlined offshore disclosure allows the majority of taxpayers who are not in compliance a less expensive, quicker way to get into compliance. 80% of our disclosure clients qualify for Streamlined. Click here for more.


Understanding an OVDP Opt-out

There are times when we recommend a full OVDP because of bad facts, but still want to opt-out for a lower penalty. There are also situations where clients felt they were roped into the full OVDP and want a second opinion on if they should opt-out. Click here for more.


What to do when your OVDP or Pre-Clearance is rejected

If your Offshore Voluntary Disclosure or Pre-Clearance was rejected please understand that this usually means something serious. Click here for more.


When you should get an second opinion on your OVDP or Streamlined Disclosure strategy

Are you wondering whether your current OVDP representative (or yourself) is on the right track with your OVDP or Streamlined Disclosure? Do you wonder if you should opt-out of the standard penalty? Click here for more.


Contact us if you would like to speak with one of our OVDP lawyers. Call us at 888-727-8796 or email info@irsmedic.com.