IRS tax resolution scam companies: How they work


Podcast here.


In this video, I share some inside information on how pervasive IRS tax scam resolution companies work.


I have interviewed ex- and current employees of these tax resolution scam outfits to find out some juicy tidbits. What they are trained to tell people, and then what happens after the sale is made. I explain typical commission structures and how many will do anything to make a sale. Many of the sale people never solved an IRS tax problem, and will not ever talk to you again once they make the sale, so it is easy for them to promise you anything.


I also have taken an inside look at the operations of the IRS scam outfits and found Ponzi schemes. New clients were needed to pay to hire some staff to make it appear as if work on old cases was being completed. I interviewed countless ex-clients of these tax resolution scam outfits and found out what they were told; what convinced them that if they gave money to these tax resolution scam companies.


Finally, I posed as a tax resolution outfit myself!  I bought actual live tax resolution leads from a tax resolution lead company. Have you ever see those commercials 'If you owe $10,000 or more to the IRS…" Well, I had a few of those calls routed to me. I spoke with the lead company and pretended to be open to the idea of scamming people as well. I was given an inside look into their sales process and how they sucker people into false hopes. I explain the "script" I was given,  how to hook, pin and agitate someone into hiring me.  Even though I was doing this as an expose, and took no one's money and actually offered them some real alternatives, it was still incredibly awful. It was eye-opening. Many people are just fine ripping off people who are in a real vulnerable position.


I conclude this video with giving people with IRS troubles tips on how to hire a reputable firm. I explain to legitimate tax resolution companies, CPAs and tax law firms, things they should never do so that they don't fall into the trap.