IRS’ response to Obamacare: Wait & See

So…has the IRS hired any of the additional 16,000 Revenue Officers the Republicans said they would as a result of Obamacare?


According to my sources in the IRS, the exact amount of Revenue Officers hired as a result of the Affordable Health Care Act For America is…. Zero.


The reason given to me is that the IRS is waiting to see if Obamacare is repealed, or overturned by the Courts. Thus, they have not created additional positions. The IRS appears to believe the individual mandate will wind up unconstitutional, or too unpopular, and thus does not wish to invest scarce training and staff on a law that may never be legally operative.


I know for a fact that the closest IRS Field Office located in New Haven, Conn., has not had a new hire since about December of 2008.


NOTE: A Field Office is where Revenue Officers work  — the Revenue Officers are the folks who will "visit" you at home or work. Most IRS tax collectors work in Automated Collections Services (ACS) and are NOT Revenue Officers. ACS is housed in much larger facilities located all over the country.