IRSMedic Doubles Office Space With Recent Move To Historical Landmark


WALLINGFORD, CT, Mar. 8, 2001 – IRSMedic recently moved to larger offices due to its rapidly expanding practice. The tax resolution law firm is now located at 144 South Main Street, Wallingford in a historic building. The move doubles the size of the firm’s office space to 5500 square feet.


It comes after five years in offices on Center Street in Wallingford. “We simply outgrew the space we were renting as our practice continued to develop,” says IRS Medic founder, Anthony Parent. The firm now owns the building that houses its offices.


“It is an unfortunate truth today that more and more people need our services as the IRS becomes more aggressive, the ranks of its enforcement agents escalate and the economy takes its toll on tax payers. In addition, the IRS has stepped up its pursuit of those with overseas investments, which is the reason we recently opened an additional office in Switzerland.” The firm also has offices in New York City and Hong Kong.


IRSMedic’s main office in Wallingford is housed in the historic Charles D. Morris house, the former home of the American National Red Cross. “We like to say that the building’s still helping people in emergencies, just a different kind,” says Atty. Parent.

IRSMedic’s attorneys help resolve tough tax problems for businesses and individuals in the US and overseas.

The Charles D. Morris house was built in 1898 and is on the National Registry of Historic Places. It sits in the Wallingford Center Historic District. The house is built in the Queen Anne style and features leaded colored-glass windows and unusual roof gables for this Historic District.


In its application to the National Registry, The Wallingford Center Historic District describes the areas this way: “ was originally settled and developed in the 19th century to be the commercial and institutional hub of the community. Commercial buildings in the district were constructed by, and name for, families prominent in the district… Fine 18th and 19th century residence were built along Main Street. Six 18th century and twenty 19th century houses remain standing on South Main Street.”


Before housing the American Red Cross, it was the headquarters of B.P.O. Elks Club Lodge 1365, which now occupies the Wallace Carriage House in the rear of the property.

“We loved the history of this building and the fact that it’s continued to be an important landmark in the town,” says Atty. Parent. “We have made every effort to preserve the uniquely 19th century details that give the house its character and expect it to be the home of IRS Medic for many years.”


About IRSMedic, the Law Offices of Parent & Parent, LLP

Anthony is the founder of IRSMedic at Parent & Parent, a practice of tax attorneys that works to resolve tough tax problems for businesses and individuals in the US and overseas. These issues can range from unfiled taxes to audits, liens, penalties, other federal and state agency tax actions and business recovery.


Attorney Anthony Parent founded the firm in 2003 to help clients deal with difficult tax problems. He combined an academic background in finance with a law degree to develop the foundations of the practice.

The practice has now expanded to include tax preparation and tax planning as well.  Contact them at 888-727-8796 or email info@irsmedic.com.