IRS Fresh Start Program Webinar

IRS Fresh Start Program Webinar

Recorded April 23, 2015 at IRSMedic Headquarters in Wallingford, Connecticut.

IRS Fresh Start Program Overview

Join tax attorneys Anthony E. Parent, Robert Lyon and tax resolution specialists Tim Pepe, Michelle Palmeri and Jillian Tyrrell for the IRSMedic IRS Fresh Start Program Webinar. In this video, the IRSMedic tax resolution team  starts off with an  overview of the IRS Fresh Start Program: Why the program came into being and what to generally expect from it.


IRS Fresh Start Program Myths

The team then discusses the top myths and misconceptions of how the IRS Fresh Start program actually works. One myth in particular is discussed. There is no waiver of interest under the IRS Fresh Start Program. Interest can only be abated in very limited circumstances, which is very different from most state amnesty programs.


IRS Fresh Start Program Guidelines

In Part III of the webinar,  the team discusses the IRS Fresh Start Program Guidelines. Including the basic qualifications for the guidelines. The team also explains how there is no dedicated "Fresh Start" staff at the IRS, nor and "Fresh Start phone number" to call.

Additionally, the "IRS Fresh Start Program" is somewhat of a misnomer. It could be more accurately described as tweaks to already existing IRS debt settlement program. Anthony Parent believes more of a marketing effort by the IRS to encourage people to settle their back taxes and possesses very limited substantive changes.  The IRS Fresh Start Program has not changed at the best tax settlement practices already in place at IRSMedic.


IRS Fresh Start Program Installment Agreements

The team discusses the Fresh Start Program makes changes to the streamlined and no-doc Installment Agreements.

The further explain how an IRS collection employee may suggest to a taxpayer to attempt to get into one of the under $25,000 or under $50,000 installment agreements even when it is not in the taxpayers best interest. And once you default on IRS Fresh Start Program Installment agreement, you will likely not qualify for another.


IRS Fresh Start Offer in Compromise

In Part V of the IRSMedic Fresh Start Webinar, the IRSMedic team explains how some very favorable rulings that compelled the IRS to to tweak its Offer in Compromise guidelines. The team explains how the new Fresh Start guidelines can actually be helpful, but only if you know how to use them and all the other rules and standards for your full benefit. The stakes are raised and submitting faulty Offers in Compromises can do more harm than good, so it is essential it is done once and done right.


IRS Fresh Start Program Penalty Abatement

In Part VI, we discuss why IRS Fresh Start Penalty abatement is a misnomer — no such program actually exists. Rather she explains the standard penalty abatement and relief programs that are still available.


IRS Fresh Start Program and Business and Payroll Tax Relief

In part 7, Attorney Bob Lyon explains how the IRS Fresh Start Program can help businesses with payroll tax and income tax debts. Of note, he explains how it is easy for most business to prove a lack of ability to pay, but the trick is getting the IRS to be sympathetic to a business' downturn. The IRS doesn't want to give an unfair advantage to a business that did all the wrongs things. The IRS is loathe to reward anyone for non-compliance.

IRS Fresh Start Program Tax Lien Removals, Releases, Withdrawal and Filing Thresholds

In Part VIII, Michelle Palmeri explains how the IRS Fresh Start Program tax lien filing thresholds work. She also explains how to get a lien withdrawn under the Fresh Start Program — even with an Offer in Compromise. We explain why a tax lien withdrawal is a more favorable method of removing a lien than a release, as it erases the entire existence of the lien ever been filed from a taxpayer's credit report.