IRS Crime Unit Sees Budget Increase

Expect to see more prosecutions for tax evasion crimes.


President Obama has approved a $700,000,000 budget for IRS Criminal investigation unit. Who should be worried? Are you kind of rich? Are you kind of famous? Your chances of being targeted are greatly increased by IRS Criminal Investigation Division (CID).


You see, the IRS CID doesn't necessarily want to send you to jail for tax crimes. They want to use you as an example and more importantly, get money out of you to earn a bigger budget and for job security.


Other factors — If you had previous trouble with the Federal government? It's much easier to get a conviction against you if you did. How easy is the case? If the case is hopelessly complicated, the IRS CID will certainly calculate how much of their resources they want to us. Their more likely strategy? Wait until you make a simple mistake — one that is incredibly easy to prove…like failing to file an income tax return.


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