No Substitute For IRS Attorneys


Attorneys must be capable of solving a taxpayer's outstanding issues with the best possible outcome. That doesn't just mean a rock bottom amount handed over to the IRS or the state. The Attorney must additionally be able to sort out what brought on the matter in the first place.


If you are going to hire an Attorney to help you with your tax issue, make sure they are a Tax Attorney. Only veteran Tax Attorneys understand both the IRS and State Revenue boards which seek to extract money from taxpayers. 


Tax Attorneys are the only kind of attorneys at Parent & Parent

Tax Attorneys manage all issues:


They are sworn advocates to U.S. Tax Court which enable them to represent US taxpayers all across the United States and all over globe.


Be mindful of some lawyers who practice additional areas of legal practice besides tax law. The truth is the tax code is so complicated; someone must concentrate on taxes and nothing else to be the most effective.


Did you know that the IRS actually allows non-attorneys to represent you before them? Did you ever wonder why this is? Think about it, if you happened to be a district attorney, wouldn't you rather have the Defendant be represented by someone other than an experienced criminal attorney? Of course you would. You want every advantage allowable. 


The internet is littered with non-lawyer firms who claim that they are certainly just as competent as attorneys. Does the Internal Revenue Service stop them? No. Why would we expect them to?


Here are the facts: If you consult with anyone except an attorney or someone who works at that attorney's firm about your confidential tax trouble, the IRS can subpoena that individual and force them to give evidence against you. That's not a danger worth risking. Do not fall for the trap of thinking that you could afford second- or third-rate. Your property and freedom is simply too valuable.


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