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Common International Issues for Individuals

When planning a new international venture, how can you know if you're meeting all of the complicated IRS requirements? And how can you know that you're taking advantage of all of the best tax strategies? Click here for more.


Renouncing your US citizenship or giving up your Green Card.

As a US person, there is only one way to avoid US taxation. By no longer being a US person. The process to renounce your citizenship or surrender a Green Card is the easy part. Filing the correct certification, Form 8854, is just part of it. The hard part, is the tax part. Click here to learn how to expatriate correctly.


International Tax Traps

Even for individuals who know to file FBARs, and who know about the universal tax jurisdiction of the IRS, there are still a myriad of tax and penalty traps to avoid. Things like non-US life insurance, foreign mutual funds, foreign pensions, foreign trusts, and foreign inheritances all have special reporting requirements on an FBAR form, along with other special tax reporting forms. Click here for more.


FATCA Tax Certification Form, aka "FATCA Letters"

Receiving a so-called "FATCA letter," a FATCA tax certification form, or requests for a completed W-8 from your non-US bank can be confusing and feel invasive. We've helped hundred of US persons deal with FATCA letters properly so that they don't have to worry about their assets being frozen. Click here from more.


Passport issues

It is true that your US passport can be taken away, or denied if you owe back taxes. Here's most of the information you need to know about this new law. Click here for more.


US Tax and US Expats abroad

The tax consequences for US taxpayers living and working overseas are very unique…and sometimes frustrating. Click here for more.