How to explain the IRS to your mortal enemy

We've all heard the adage, "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Well, if you think that's silly and would rather let your mortal nemesis dig their own hole, feel free to let them do so. If your mortal enemy does ever happen to ask you about the Internal Revenue Service, you have a golden opportunity on your hands.


The producer of our podcast, "Parental Advisory," Claudine Gindel joins me as we do a little bit of "acting" for an IRSMedic-produced (and IRSMedic-written) video promo spot. Let us know what you think.


# # #

Anthony: Claudine, how would you explain the IRS to an enemy?

Claudine: The IRS is about truth justice and fairness.

Anthony: How would you describe it to a friend?

Claudine: The IRS looks like a calm water, but there are sharks lurking underneath

Anthony: Can you see the sharks?

Claudine: You might.

Anthony: Can you feel the sharks?

Claudine: They do tend to bite.

Anthony: Now if you wanted to go into the water, but didn’t want to say be eaten by sharks, could you still go in the water?

Claudine: Yes. With a shark cage. And you’ll be fine

Anthony: Could IRSMedic be your "IRS shark cage?"

Claudine: It’s what we do best.



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