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Our clients are the best people on Earth.

The unholy combine of the US tax code and its associated regulations and procedures is something we never voted for, yet it is full of serious consequences if not dealt with properly. Our clients are high income earners and business owners, many of whom are global investors, and they often bear the brunt of the IRS’s aggressive and invasive tax enforcement. They hire us to gain a sense of control in a world where the IRS and state taxing authorities can seem insurmountable. They know the IRS is something that is best handled head-on. Instead of becoming a victim, they know one of the best Returns on Investment they can possibly make is to limit the damage the IRS can do to everything they hold dear.

Our clients hire us to lower tax bills to something manageable. Our expert services include:

  • Resolution of difficult individual and business tax problems, including ERC and other payroll issues, tax audits, along with business and international penalties (FBAR/FATCA related).
  • Tax & Advisory Services to lower taxes while preparing tax returns to be in full legal compliance. 
  • Full Accounting and bookkeeping and fractional CFOs services, for clients who need a trusted team who can make sure they can keep their focus on opportunities.

Our clients hire us because they:

  • Outgrew their tax firm and need robust guidance and the highest level of service so that tax issues do not consume their life.
  • Believe the world is full of opportunities and need a tax firm that has expertise at handling and avoiding the international tax  minefield, including FBAR penalties, FATCA, GILTI, and Subpart F issues.
  • Lost control or never quite had the control that they wanted over their finances.
  • Are high energy — driven professionals, dynamic unstoppable entrepreneurs, investors and investment managers tend to appreciate our firm’s culture.
  • Are thoughtful, creative, work hard and are a pleasure to deal with.
  • See the benefit of the attorney-client privilege in tax matters.

We are Tax Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents.

Have you even considered that a  tax return is a legal claim you are making against the US government and should be treated as such?  As is any other document you are submitting to the government?  If so, wouldn’t be be of utmost importance that the actual law be understood, not what the mythology of the law presents? Wouldn’t it be  especially important to have complete clarity in a time when newly-minted IRS Revenue Officers and Agents have marching orders to be as aggressive as possible?

Give yourself the advantage of the top legal minds who actually are on YOUR side.

Our CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and tax associates have a huge advantage over their peers as they have immediate access to the top legal minds, which often allows them to find solutions others can’t, making their job enjoyable and not boring!

Regrettably, many large accounting firms employ tax associates who actually have contempt for their clients! And this makes sense as many of these large firms actually  hire lobbyists to advocate for more complicated and consequential tax filings as it benefits their bottom line, but not their clients.

But we fully understand what the IRS is and what it can do, if not properly handled.

What is IRSMedic?

IRSMedic.com started as the website for Parent & Parent LLP in 2006. We are a Connecticut-based tax law firm helping high net worth and high income earners around the globe deal with IRS issues which need serious attention. In 2009, partner Anthony E. Parent, Esq. started posting video on YouTube.com/@irsmedic Since then, IRSMedic has become the most popular tax channel on YouTube with millions of views, and has created a huge demand for our services and representation.

You can read the full story of IRSMedic here.

Looking for a quote on our services?

For an estimate of our fees, simply send an email with as much detail as you can to estimates@irsmedic.com. You can include all your tax concerns. So please reach out!



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