US tax advisors for US-Taiwanese tax filers and Expats

Along with FATCA and FBAR reporting, these are the specific Taiwanese IRS tax issues our team of tax attorneys, CPAs, and tax preparers assist our clients with:

Common Tax issues for US-Taiwanese individuals

  • Closely held foreign corporations in the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, where all parties might not be US persons. This requires reporting, which if not done, can result in high penalties.
  • Investment in the US, especially real estate,  where not all investors may be US persons
  • EB-5 and other investment VISA holders often do not get optimum tax advice before becoming a US person.
  • Gifting money to adult children who are US persons living in the US.

US Tax Traps to avoid

It is difficult for Taiwanese individuals to find quality tax advice. The problem is compounded as most foreign nationals have no idea that the US tax system is as large as it is illogical. We consider it our job to tell you the things that no one else has, but should have.

Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Programs

If you have made a mistake in previous IRS tax filings, or haven’t filed at all, we can help. We are the nation’s premier offshore disclosure firm. We have helped thousands of Chinese and others from around the globe properly disclose to the IRS. We can help you too. Click here to visit our Offshore Disclosure summary page.
If you would like to speak to us regarding any of these issues, contact us to schedule a consultation at 888-727-8796 or email info@irsmedic.com.