A Better Health Care System?

Regardless that liberals, conservatives and independents can't stand what is happening, apparently, the debate is over. Now, what inquiring minds want to know is how the Senate health care bill is supposed to actually go about and cover the uninsured and make health care more affordable.


Here's the best I could find:


Tax credits for small business.

This is how this is supposed to work:

  • Small businesses with up to 25 employees and average annual wages of less than $50,000 could receive tax credits for up to 50% for what they pay towards a qualified health insurance plan.
  • Even smaller businesses with fewer employees and lower pay averaging $20,000 can be entitled to a 100% credit.


So there. Small business who pay low wages can have the government subsidize health insurance for their employees. But then they mustn't grow and mustn't hire too many employees. And they mustn't  pay too much in wages— else the credit will be lost.


In order to have insurance without paying an arm and a leg, you still must be an employee. Self-employed and folks without jobs are a bit S.O.L.


If you are at or below the poverty level, you can get a 100% tax credit for your health plan. Meaning you don't pay one cent. But as you make more, you must pay for more and more of your health care .