Greece: Tax cheaters cheat, who knew?

The Greek government is using Google Earth to find tax evaders. How will they do this? Very easily. They are using Google Earth to see people who have pools, Villas and other stuff that they’ve been lying about on their taxes for years.


But here's the thing…one of my Greek clients told me that in Greece nearly everyone cheats on their taxes. It is sort of a national past time. Now, I haven't researched the Greek tax code, so do take this with a grain of salt or two, but he told me it is assumed everyone is cheating so everyone gets taxed a higher rate — automatically.


If one wants to be taxed at the lower rate, then one have to prove to them —submit oneself to an audit — and swear an affidavit that no cheating is occurring. Then, and only then, will the lower rate will be assessed.


I'm not entirely sure what to make of it. Perhaps this program is to catch people who are cheating on a separate property tax; or to catch people who swore they weren't cheating; or perhaps it is a message to Greece taxpayers that cheating will only be tolerated to a point. Or perhaps it is a even an employment program for even more civil servants.