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The FBAR is a misunderstood form; by taxpayers, tax professionals, and even the IRS.  Worse, there can be harsh consequences for technical errors.


But, there are ways to navigate this minefield. Thousands have succesfully done so. Find your topic of concern below to get the clarity you need. 


Common FBAR issues

If you just found out about FBARs and think you may have a filing requirement, click here for an article written by our FBAR attorneys on the common FBAR issues they solve.


Filing late FBARs and Amending FBARs

If you realize that you made an error on your FBAR, or if you have not filed an FBAR but had a filing requirement…don't panic. Our tax team can help to amend or late file your FBAR. Click here to find out if you need to file or amend FBARs.


FBAR Penalties and penalty mitigation

Are you just learning that your foreign life insurance, pension, foreign mutual funds are all required to be reported on the FBAR form? Are you concerned about penalties for not filing? Are you wondering how to mitigate penalties? Click here  for general principals our FBAR lawyers use when negotiating or eliminating willful or non-willful penalties.


FBAR audits — pro-tips and what to expect

What are the chances of going through an FBAR audit…successfully? It's important to know what to do, and what not to do, to increase the likelihood of success. Our tax attorneys have guided numerous taxpayers throught the FBAR audit process. Click here for their insight.


If you would like to speak to one of our FBAR attorneys, send a confidential email to fbar@irsmedic.com or call us at a number below.


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