Does The IRS Send More Than One Notice About A Lien?

The answer is — No. The IRS sends a warning that a lien may be filed, but they will not send more than one notice about a lien. The next step is for the IRS to send a Final Notice of Intent to File a Lien. And here's the thing — the lien is actually filed before you get the Final Notice of Intent to File!


The Notice actually goes something like "we filed a lien against you and here are some important appeals right you have."


Oftentimes, the Notice of Intent is ignored by taxpayers. There are important appellate rights that taxpayers can exercise within 30 days of the Notice of Intent to Lien. These rights could allow them to get the lien released, withdrawn, discharged, or subordinated; undoing the potential destruction a lien can cause. Now, if you missed your 30-day window, relax, a Notice of Lien may be released, withdrawn, discharged, or subordinated after the 30 day period, but it is usually more difficult.


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