David G. Parent, Esq.


Senior Partner

Without David’s experience, resolve, and unwavering moral compass, IRSMedic would never have been possible. He began his expansive government tenure after graduating with a Bachelors in Political Science from Brown University and a Masters in Social Studies Education from Southern Connecticut State. Influenced by John F. Kennedy’s inauguration, David knew he wanted to take his talents and help others through bettering local and federal government. His strong background in business, which came from working with his father’s heat treatment company – New Haven Heat Treating Company, Inc. – and ventures such as Nutmeg Capital Inc., taught him how good businesses, and a good government, should run. During his career with the State of Connecticut, David worked in operations, which primarily entailed business management and budgeting. Interplay with budgeting and legislative work was strong, and David’s familiarity with the legislative branch would prove an invaluable asset.


After his retirement from state government, David took his expertise to the city of New Haven’s Department of Finance. While there, David began law school on the four-year path to becoming an attorney. His tireless work ethic inspired his son, Anthony, to also apply to Quinnipiac School of Law; Anthony’s acceptance for the full-time three-year program slated them both for a 2002 graduation. On the law school campus, David was well-known and well-liked. His drive to assist others carried over to his classmates as he helped them with particularly difficult regulations and laws. He helped Anthony better understand a grueling Federal Income Tax course, where they both eventually earned A's. And on May 12, 2002, David and Anthony graduated together as what very well might be the first father/son duo to graduate law school on the same day.


After their combined graduation from Quinnipiac University School of Law, Anthony and David started a simple tax resolution firm. David’s insight, patience, and integrity were key in laying the building blocks for IRSMedic. Eight years later, IRSMedic has served thousands of clients, deals with complicated tax issues, and has an exemplary team of 22 employees. David’s day-to-day routine includes tax preparation, speaking with clients, and training team members how to best prepare returns. David’s prowess and understanding of a litany of procedures has shaped IRSMedic into a firm where people can go for help, and to be healed.


When David speaks with government employees, he understands what is going on behind the scenes. He knows when they’re struggling and how they’re feeling. He understands income taxes and he likes working with returns. David approaches taxes and clients through a philosophical manner – how did they get to where they are and how can we make it so they never find themselves in the same situation? He understands the difficulties for all parties involved and does his best to make sure that a calm discussion ends in a positive resolution. The government won’t give taxpayers a push to the finish line, but David’s skills and expertise are capable of showing them where the line is and then helping them get there.


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