A look inside the Connecticut Fresh Start Program

The Connecticut Fresh Start Program is actually very limited


Here's the bad news. The Connecticut Fresh Start Program only applies if you underreported or did not report income for 2016 or prior. According to the DRS website “You may be eligible if you failed to file a return, or failed to report the full amount of tax on a previously filed return for any tax return due on or before December 31, 2016.”


So if the DRS has sent you a bill, you can stop right here. You do not qualify for the Connecticut Fresh Start Program.


However, this does not mean a favorable settlement can not be reached. It just means we have use tools other than the Fresh Start program for our clients.


But the irony? The terms we are able to reach can be better than the DRS Fresh Start Program settlement guidelines!


What are the Connecticut Fresh Start Program Benefits?


So let’s assume that you do qualify for the Fresh Start program. What are the key benefits?

  • No Penalties. Penalties will not be imposed on the tax you report and pay through CT Fresh Start program.
  • Interest Reduced by 50%.  DRS will waive 50% of the interest on the tax you report and pay through CT Fresh Start.
  • Limited Look-Back for Non-Filers.  Certain non-filers may qualify for a limited look-back period.
  • No Criminal Prosecution.  DRS will not initiate a criminal investigation or seek prosecution in relation to any application submitted and tax paid in good faith under CT Fresh Start.

Contact us for help with your Connecticut State Tax problem

With a lack of clearly spelled-out policies and appeals process, the State of Connecticut DRS Collections is quite different to deal with than the IRS, so our strategies differ. Contact us for a initial consultation to see if we can help you get your Connecticut tax issue behind you. And if you have an IRS issue as well, we can help with that too.