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We think it is best to avoid criminal court. And all court for the matter. While the judges and prosecutors are respectful, the entire experience tends to be dreadful for our clients. Our team of Connecticut lawyers work diligently with the DRS to show where their audit numbers are wrong, if they are wrong. And we also find a realistic solutions to an unpaid Sales & Use and Income Tax bills so that you can get your focus back to your business. And your life.


We have been successful in negotiating down unpaid Sales & Use tax debts with a DRS Offer of Compromise (the IRS has an Offer in Compromise; DRS refers to it as of).


Our main office is located in Wallingford. We have been in business since 2004 and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.


We also help resolution of IRS tax issues — our services run the gamut from unpaid tax bills, audits, to advance business planning and offshore disclosures. Like many of our clients, you might find it advantageous to keep us around well after your DRS issue is resolved.


We have a built-in tax preparation department. So we can add firepower to your current tax team or we can handle all of your tax and accounting needs under one roof and meet those important deadlines that the DRS takes so very seriously. We work hard so you can breathe easy.






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