Common questions people ask before hiring us

But before you hire anyone, you should have questions.  Here’s a list of answers to common questions we’re asked when someone is considering hiring us.

Are conservations with Parent & Parent LLP protected by the attorney-client privilege?

Yes. We are a law firm. The attorney-client privilege applies anytime you communicate with anyone at the firm.

Unfortunately there are many tax resolution firms out there that pose as tax law firms yet they are most certainly not. In fact, if you searched “tax lawyer” nearly all online ad placements are for firms that are not licensed to practice law anywhere.  They are NOT lawyers!  If you have a problem with them, there is generally no licensing agency you can complain to.

And what could be worse, there is nothing to stop them from testifying against you!

Unfortunately, the problem of tax resolution companies is well known to the Federal Trade Commission, but there is little effort to do anything to stop them from the damage they can do. We fix their haphazard work all the time. You owe it to yourself to verify any claims they make.

We have been registered with the Better Business Bureau since 2006 and maintain an A+ rating.

If I call-in for a consultation, is telephone call recorded?


And you will always be speaking with someone who actually works on cases. We have no dedicated sale staff. So you will get honest answers.

How secure is the system I upload my documents to?

The connection between your system and our system is encrypted to the maximum extent allowed by law. The documents are then moved to a server that is not accessible on the internet. The server is in a secured environment with restricted access that requires passing security checkpoints and is maintained under lock and key. So, very secure, to say the least!

We do use email for day to day communication, but we avoid using email to communicate secure information.

What happens to my information if I don’t sign with your firm?

Upon notification that you would not be retaining our services, both paper and electronic documents are “shredded” and cannot be recovered.

Do you charge hourly or flat-fee?

For simple, straight-forward cases, we may give you the option of a flat-fee.  Because  that so many issues are hard to define at the outset of representation, and facts and circumstances can be rather fluid, we general bill hourly in six minute increments.  Visit our Fees and Services page for our published hourly rates. We do attempt to provide an estimate based on known facts.

Our clients look at the IRS as a mortal threat to their financial security. The question to ask yourself to figure out if you are making the right decision in hiring a firm like ours, is if you see the same risks.

What happens if I need tax preparation for original or amended returns? What happens if those returns are complicated?

Complicated tax issues are our specialty.

At many other law firms, you will also have to hire a CPA firm or accountant to prepare your retruns. Not so at Parent & Parent LLP. While we can work with your current tax team, we also have the ability to handle everything in-house with our own tax and accounting department. We also find that we are able to move cases along faster because our internal communication is much more efficient than it would be if we had to deal with an outside firm.

We find this structure gives us a built-in advantage: it creates a more consistent, more timely work product.

How much money can you save me?…Approximately how much will my settlement be?…How long will it take to resolve my case? Can I just pay what I originally owed…Can you lower my penalties?… Am I going to jail?

We’ve grouped these questions together because we can answer them all the same way — it depends. The IRS is a poorly organized, insanely large organization. They don’t always follow their own rules, and will sometimes make decisions based on emotion (which they really shouldn’t be doing). After doing this for over 10 years, and working on thousands of cases, we still can’t predict how the IRS will act. Every case is different. We can best answer these questions once we are under way. Accuracy greatly improves once we get a true handle on what exactly is going on.

Will the IRS assume I’m guilty if I hire an attorney?

We’ve had IRS employees straight up tell us they deal with people who hire attorneys differently – but in a good way. They are much less likely to try to walk all over you. Hiring legal representation for an IRS issue doesn’t make you look guilty. It makes you look like you take the power of the IRS seriously.

Other attorneys and partners, employees at Big Four accounting firms routinely hire Parent & Parent LLP. IRS employees hire us. Even though they know they could potentially handle their IRS issue, they also know the stakes are far too high to take unnecessary risks.

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If you have a tax issue, now’s the time to take the bull by the horns. You can reach us at 1-888-727-8796, send an email to info@irsmedic.com, or fill out our online contact form. We represent US taxpayers all around the world deal with their IRS problems, and we hope we can help you as well.