Expert representation on US international business tax issues


US investments and ventures overseas (outbound taxation)

Our basic philosophy on investing overseas is that there should be a non-tax reason for the investment. Why? Because if you are not a large multi-national corporation, the actual opportunity for tax savings with the majority of international tax planning are modest. Those savings can also be eaten up with compliance costs. We will answer some of the common questions our clients ask us about investing in an overseas venture. Click here for more.


Foreign investment into the US (inbound taxation)

How can non-US investors lower their taxes and diversify their portfolio using the US system? We answer that question for both those who want to eventually become a US person, and those who don't. Click here for more.


International Business Audits and Examinations

International Business Audits have experienced a huge change in how they are conducted. Before 2014, the IRS's strategy was to select businesses and then find issues to challenge that business. This structure has been flipped on its head. It is essential to know how the IRS approaches international tax examinations currently. Click here for more.