Help with back taxes – 3 things never to say to the IRS


If you have back tax debt and are going to try to get your problem fixed, watch this video to find out important information on what to say, and what not to say to the IRS. Unfortunately, there are many tax resolution scammers out there trying to separate you from your money — and that’s the last thing you need.



Here’s a summary of the Three Things Never to Tell the IRS:


1. First, don’t lie to the IRS

Did you know that people have gone to jail for misstating their asset positions with the IRS? You can really hurt your chances of ending your tax problem if the IRS doesn’t like you. You'll be in a much better position if you are honest (even if it feels like sometimes they are not).


2. Second, don’t say something you would tell a friend 

Yes, you do want to be honest…but remember that the IRS represents the government and not you. Don’t try to curry favor with an IRS agent (an IRS criminal investigator or otherwise) by disclosing too much personal information.


3.  Last, don’t say something you aren’t 100% sure of

This happens all the time. Taxpayers put themselves into a box because they divulge something that isn’t 100% truthful, nor even relevant.  There can be unforeseen consequences to any communications with the IRS. Be extremely careful with what you say. If you start feeling uncomfortable with how the conversation is going, the best answer may be  “I don’t know.”  Politely end the conversation and start educating yourself on how to get the advice you need.


If you need assistance communicating with the IRS, contact us. We can take over solving your tax problem no matter what stage you are in. From getting into compliance with taxes owed, setting up a payment plan you can truly afford, or helping in an audit.