Back tax debt? How not to spin your wheels


No matter how complicated a tax problem is there is always a way out. Or perhaps, more precisely, you can always make a problem better. Always.



You’ll learn, among other empowering information:

  • the #1 reason why negotiations with the IRS fail and collection action (levies, liens, garnishments) begin.
  • a simple trick to see if the IRS is sending you an inflated tax bill.
  • how to dispel the myth about bankruptcy and tax debts (hint: it’s GREAT news).
  • how to decide if and when to push the IRS for a better deal, or take your case to tax court.


We know what your options are, and we want to share the way out with you. We’re fully aware of the consequences of every statement we make to an IRS agent during the IRS collection process. Talking to someone at the IRS can be a stressful experience and can quickly become a more personal conflict.  If you lose your head, or if you say the wrong thing, they IRS can use that information against you.