Anthony E. Parent


 Founding Partner

Anthony E. Parent, Esq. is the founding partner of Parent & Parent LLP, the IRSMedic, a law firm dedicated to helping clients with a wide array of tax problems.

In founding the firm, he brought together a combination of his academic study, excitement about business, and his love of standing up to large government bureaucracies — effectively. He exudes an incredible passion for vigorously representing US taxpayers around the globe. He knows exactly the threat tax problems are to one's personal and financial security.

Anthony also has been on the forefront of the delivery of legal services by providing the results clients actually want; he has little time for pretension and wasted efforts.


Anthony and his father David G. Parent, Esq. graduated Quinnipiac School of Law together, and started their practice in 2004. He has also instituted both a Warranty and Guarantee for the firm's services.


His passion permeates throughout his firm and it comes through any of communications  — he gives numerous trainings on video and podcasts. He is a voracious writer who is always seeking to simplify the complicated. The IRSMedic blog is enjoyed by thousands of taxpayers and tax professionals around the globe and is often the go-to resource to find out what the real, sometimes hidden, issues and threats are, with a sprinkling of usually subtle humor.

Anthony is routinely quoted on tax issues in the national broadcast media.   In 2012, he co-authored a business bestseller compilation "Protect & Defend." He is currently putting the finishing touches on his first solo effort: "IRS Confidential."