Common tax myths about Americans living overseas


Attorney Anthony E. Parent and Keith Redmond discuss the following issues:


  • How tax issues for Homeland Americans differ from Americans living overseas
  • If the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion allows $100,000 USD income to be "tax-free"
  • If the US tax treaties eliminate double taxation
  • Are Americans living overseas are renouncing because they simply don't want to pay taxes?
  • Do Accidental Americans HAVE TO enter the US tax compliance system?
  • Will the IRS come after you in your country of residence and block your bank accounts if you aren't compliant with the US tax code?
  • If you are not US tax compliant, will you be treated as a criminal…and will the IRS will put you in jail?
  • If you are not US tax compliant, can you renew your US passport? 
  • can be arrested at the border when entering the United States if you're not compliant with the US tax code?
  • You are an American living overseas and are compliant with the US tax code. Does this mean that the Marines “have to” come rescue you in the case of a national emergency?


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