Why we started IRSMedic.com

We started IRSMedic.com in June of 2006, as a way to answer our clients’ most common tax questions. We focused on answering real questions because the internet is loaded with a vast amount of misinformation. We found that we would spend an inordinate amount of time dispelling myths. So as a way to reduce our workflow and increase client satisfaction, we starting publishing tax content that actually provided some clarity.

We had no idea that the demand for understandable tax information was so great. Taxpayers, tax professionals, and even IRS employees themselves are so overwhelmed by both simple and complex problems, yet found themselves stumped as there a few places for helpful information.

Each day, between IRSMedic.com and our YouTube channel, we help between 2,000-7,000 people around the globe find answers to their IRS concerns.

IRSMedic has helped millions of people – some of them who are having an incredibly stressful time. If you are on this website our watching videos in the middle of the night because of tax anxiety, we can confidently tell you, that you are not alone!

Many of the people who have enjoyed our content find that they would prefer to hire us.

Why we started Parent & Parent LLP

We noticed a huge gap in the marketplace. On one end, there are large accounting and tax firms. These are established players who have been around for over 200 years in some version. They are very expensive, yet conventional wisdom considers to be the gold standard, even if they are overly cautious.

The other end of the spectrum is bulk tax service providers. The truth is they do mostly a fine job for the small, simple returns and other tasks. But then again, there really isn’t a lot to the small, simple returns. However, they don’t seem to always be be asking all the right questions, which could create big problems down the road for their clients.

We are aimed right at the middle of the market. We offer reasonable fees, expert service, top level security for a client base that tends to push themselves.

How did we get the name IRSMedic?

Our url, IRSMedic.com, is inspired by the military service of co-founder Capt. David G. Parent (Ret.) and is a veteran of the Gulf War. During his military career, he once served as a medic in the 142nd Medical Clearing Co., based out of New Haven, Connecticut. As David retells the origin story, “a medic’s job is to get a soldier out of trouble as quickly and safely as possible – we thought the name well suited for those who are in tax trouble.”

Co-founder, Capt. David G. Parent, Esq.

Once a medic, always a medic.

Our firm evolved from handling the most difficult tax emergencies – we are the nation’s #1 offshore amnesty firm – to become the premier tax compliance firm. We are trusted by taxpayers and tax professionals around the world – many of whom never step foot in our offices. Our high standards, impeccable work product, and client sensitivity is critical to our success.

Long ago, we took the our skills we developed in extracting our clients out of tax trouble to make sure they never get into trouble by improving the tax preparation process into something so good we audit protection at no additional cost.

Co-founder, Capt. David G. Parent, Esq.

Once a medic, always a medic.

We also employ unparalleled security protocols that are best in the business.

Our YouTube channel is hosted by our firm’s other original partner, Anthony E. Parent. Esq. Anthony’s unique insight as one of the top international tax attorneys in the world along with his straight-forward no-nonsense explanations have made it the #1 tax channel on YouTube with close to one million minutes viewed. But some topics are more general interest – we look to answer questions you have, but never knew who to ask.

In this recent video, Anthony talks about how to walk into the US with a duffel bag worth of cash – all 100% legal.


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