The IRSMedic MasterGuide to 2019 Federal Tax Table, Rates, and Brackets

Everyone needs to pay tax of one kind or another, so we’ve created a comprehensive guide to most of the ways the IRS and your state will charge taxes to you. From federal tax brackets and standard deductions to corporate, estate, and gift taxes, we’ll share the latest information from the IRS and state agencies on what you’ll need to pay.

The IRS is improperly and automatically assessing $10,000 Form 3520-A penalties – what to do now

The IRS has assessed many of our clients and others taxpayers around the globe who might have even correctly filed Form 3520-A and Form 3520 with substantial penalties – often $10,000. What gives? What can be done about this? In this article we will explain many situations in which a Form 3520-A is required so that you can have a good idea if the IRS’s penalty assessments are something you should push back on.