Ho ho ho! Territorial Tax for Individuals (TFFAAA) law introduced!

Our friend, Solomon Yue of Republicans Overseas sent us this press release about the incredible progress our team has made. And a reminder: This is not a Democrat issue. This is not a Republican issue. Rather both sides are united to change the tax laws for every Americans’ benefit, and in this case, every US person who spies an opportunities overseas (or cares about them).

Join us for our Foreign Pension CPE/CLE with Strafford on January 18, 2019

Foreign pensions, retirement plans, and mandated social security type benefits include some of the most complicated tax issues imaginable. Making matters worse is the IRS’s has a new enforcement regime to enforce its rather inconsistent rules. Becuase of this, we created a training program so that you might be able to understand these foreign pension issues better than the IRS!

Time to unify and demand that Congress fix a very broken tax code!

The US tax code has myriad problems. And often, so-called fixes aren’t fixes, but complete disasters. While the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 offered benefits to those with strictly domestic income, for those fully entrenched with the opportunities of the global economy, tax reform proved to be backwards, punitive, and incredibly messy. In this article and accompanying video, tax attorney Anthony Parent speaks with expat advocate Keith Redmond and Canadian attorney John Richardson about the prospects of getting Congress to undo some of the bad that it has done with a stand-alone Territorial Tax for Individual (TTFI) bill. Find out what you can do to help