Delinquent tax returns and FBAR amnesty

Having unfiled taxes is actually quite common, so let’s talk about options if you have unfiled taxes, including unfiled international reporting forms like the FBAR. More and more people are addressing this issue since the law passed saying that your passport can be…

FATCA contact information #repealFATCA

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is  a law that affects so many negatively. We are partnered with a group in Washington that is working so hard to get FATCA repealed. We are asking for your help. 

IRS Notice CP63 – What does it mean?

If the IRS believes you owe taxes, they will use Notice CP63 to inform you they are holding your tax refund until you file one or more returns. What actions should you take if you have, or haven’t filed tax returns?


When tax attorneys Anthony and David Parent first started IRSMedic, their focus was on helping businesses and individuals with tax problems. In the course of fixing problems, they also learned the best way to avoid tax problems. They grew the firm into something much more than just a tax law firm. The firm offers complete accountancy … Read more

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IRSMedic was co-founded by Capt. David G. Parent (Ret.) Gulf War veteran, who decided to go to law school at age 59 after a career in government. He and his son, Anthony Parent, graduated law school simultaneously in 2002. They were the first father-son combination ever to do so.   The two excelled at federal … Read more

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